Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update


Please be assured that during these unprecedented times we are doing everything to maintain the safety of our patients, staff and the wider public. 

We are currently holding daily review meetings with members of the senior management and clinical team and we will provide you with regular updates regarding the changes and measures we are putting in place to minimise risk. These measures are based on national guidelines which are changing day to day. 


  • We have provision for isolating patients who are symptomatic and caring for them away from asymptomatic patients. 

  • Staff are being asked to take extra measures with regards to ensuring they are fit and well before the start of each shift. 

  • We are developing safety and crisis plans for each patient – the first of these will be for patients identified as vulnerable

  • Mild cases will be managed in the hospital.

  • In the event of a moderate or severe case patients have access to medical assessment 24 hours per day

  • There is a contingency plan in place for a predicted drop in staffing levels due to illness. 

  • Patients who use 1:1 support for entertainment may have observations reduced if staff need to be redistributed to other areas of the hospital.

  • As of 24/03/2020 no visitors will be admitted to any area of the hospital 

  • We will try to go ahead with as many meetings as possible and accommodate external attendees via video link or teleconference. 

  • Essential visitors such as emergency trades people and food deliveries will be allowed. 

  • Community Access has been restricted.  

  • Patients and staff will be encouraged to follow hygiene practices and social distancing as well as accessing the ample hospital grounds for fresh air and exercise

  • We will do everything we can to facilitate planned discharges. 


We will answer and queries or concerns as quickly as possible however, our team are working extremely hard to keep everyone safe during this challenging period. You can download our updated Business Continuity Plan from the website here:


Many thanks for your co-operation and patience while we do everything we can to keep individuals safe.


Dr Jennifer Cook 

Specialty Doctor