GROW Coaching

What is GROW? 

The GROW model was originally developed back in the 1980s by Graham Alexander, Alan Fine, and Sir John Whitmore. It is a coaching framework for use in meetings, conversations and any everyday leadership situation. Therefore, for a lot of businesses, it is the most popular coaching model for problem-solving, goal setting and performance improvement. Its main focus is to help people to draw conclusions on their own, rather than giving them the conclusions or solutions. 

One of the easiest ways to understand the GROW Model is to think about how you would plan a journey. First, you must decide where you are going (the goal), and then establish where you currently are (your current reality). You then explore various routes (the options) to get to your destination. The final part is to establish the will, ensure that you're committed to making the journey, and you are prepared for any obstacles that you could meet on the way.


Why use GROW?

The beauty of using the GROW coaching model is that you don't need to be an expert in the coachee's specific situation to be able to coach them. The GROW coaching model simply offers a framework using general questions to establish goals, obstacles, options and more. However, the coach won't ever need to offer advice or force any particular direction. Therefore, what the coach is doing is providing a dynamic vehicle for the coachee's development.


How will GROW coaching benefit staff? 

GROW coaching helps to increase employee and staff engagement. It achieves this by improving individual performance as well as helping employee self-development. It improves communication and can strengthen trust between employer and employee. GROW coaching helps the employee become part of the decision-making process and this helps them feel empowered in their role. 


The GROW Coaching Training

On the 28th and 29th August, a group of employees from across the Jeesal Group attended GROW Coaching Training. The training was held at the head office located in Dereham, Norfolk and lasted two, intensively-full days! The training was attended by a selection of employees across the Group and included the CEO and all Directors. Therefore, this meant that everyone learned the necessary skills at the same time to enable them to begin coaching their teams.

The training was delivered by Lynn Leahy, Learning Facilitator, Mentor and Coach. Lynn has over 25 years of experience in developing people and teams all around the world.


What was covered in the training?

There was a vast amount of information covered in the 2-days which included:

  • How a leader's style impacts on the culture of a team
  • Why coaching skills are essential for effective leadership
  • Understanding the necessary skills to run effective supervisions
  • How the GROW model offers structure in coaching
  • How to build trust and rapport when coaching - including self-awareness work on what qualities are required
  • Having the opportunity to practice coaching skills and receive feedback
  • How to stay within a stress optimum

What are the next steps? 

The GROW training will now be rolled out across the organisation so that all those employees who have line management responsibilities receive this valuable training. However, it is clear that GROW coaching should not be something purely delivered in one-to-one's between manager and team member. GROW coaching should take place between colleagues, regardless of hierarchy. 


A Coaching Culture

A coaching culture happens when the organisation recognises that it is essential to create an environment which encourages employees to grow and develop, and provides a safe place to give and receive feedback. Where a coaching culture is embedded, managers see coaching as a normal part of their day-to-day line management.