Jeesal Care- Media Statement

Please read the Jeesal Care statement below in  light of the recent enquiry published in the press regarding Cawston Park Hospital. 

“On behalf of the Jeesal Akman Care Corporation ltd, we would like to extend our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Joanna, Nicholas, and Ben. The care  they received at Cawston Hospital fell far below the standards we would have  expected. We are deeply sorry that we let the families down. 

We closed Cawston Park Hospital and whilst the property is owned by our holding  company, we will never run it as a hospital again nor will we ever operate any other  hospital. 

We have read the report in full, and we hope our colleagues providing in-hospital  mental health will learn lessons from our mistakes, we in turn will learn any lessons that  are relevant to our residential care settings.”