Jeesal Group- Company Strategy

What is 1-3-5?


1-3-5 is a strategy which we have implemented at the Jeesal Group. We are using this strategy to structure and focus our goals to meet our objectives and our overall vision. The 1-3-5 is simple, we have 1 Vision which the entire organisation is working towards, in order to achieve this vision, we have to complete 3 core objectives. Each objective has 5 key goals to achieve by March 2021 to achieve our core objectives. 


CEO Tugay Akman had the following to say about the 1-3-5;


“The 1-3-5 strategic plan is about promoting honesty across our organisation, sharing this key information about how we aim to grow as an organisation but also as individuals to give the best to our service users. All of our people have a key role to play in implementing this strategy and we will work together to deliver this”


Our 1 Vision


“Our vision is for people with learning disabilities to live a happy, meaningful and fulfilled life.''

Everything we do within our organisation feeds into our overall vision as an organisation. Essentially this is our “Why.” This is the reason why we exist as an organisation and why our excellent staff work on a day to day basis. 


Our 3 Core Objectives


Service Users- Our first core objective is related to our service users; this links directly to the quality of care we provide. We have linked this directly to the CQC 5 key areas to ensure we are delivering the best for those we care for. 


Our People- Our second core objective is related to our staff. We have staff with the right values, who are trained and supported to be the best version of themselves to deliver an outstanding service and contribute towards our vision. 


Commercial- Our third core objective is related to commercial goals. This core objective is about us performing as an organisation while being transparent about our financials and profit to all of our people. In order to achieve our collective vision, it is essential we meet our commercial objectives to continue to give our best to our staff and service users. 


5 key goals for each objective


We have 5 key goals for each objective to be reached. These 5 goals are specific, measurable and achievable. This will determine whether we are successful in completing our vision and we all have an important part to play. 

What is the purpose of Jeesal Care 1-3-5?


The purpose of our 1-3-5 is to deliver transparency across our great organisation. To highlight all the areas which will contribute to us delivering an outstanding service. This strategic plan requires all of our people to work collectively to achieve our goals and grow together both collectively and individually. When looking at our 1-3-5 we should be thinking about our company values and how it relates to your day to day work.  We are promoting a Coaching Culture and all of our supervisors across the organisation has had training on this and we aim to keep this going by measuring our successes and celebrating them together.