Online Training

With the world moving further and further into a digital age, learning and training is no exception. More and more colleges, universities and other training institutions are embracing online training and building it into their programmes. Jeesal is no exception to this as it understands the many benefits of online training.


1- Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of online training is its flexibility. Online training can be done anytime, anywhere. It also means it works for everyone; because not all of us are focussed at the same time of the day. Some people are more ready to learn in the mornings and alternatively some work better late at night.


2- Self Paced

In a classroom scenario there may be a time where you can't quite get to grips with one particular subject. But unfortunately the rest of the class are ready to move on. Leaving a gap in your understanding. However, with online training the pace you work at is completely down to you. Therefore if you need to go back over something a few time, you can!


3- Mobility

Wherever you are able to log on, is an opportunity for learning! The ability of online learning to be complete mobile is one of its greatest selling points. You don't have to wait to be in a classroom to start your learning. If you are on a break during the day, you can log into an available pc, laptop or tablet and start or finish some training.


4- Accessibility

Anyone who knows anything about teaching, knows that we all learn differently. With online training there is the opportunity to use videos, downloadable notes, interactive quizzes and even online tutorials. These means that a variety of learning styles are covered.

Jeesal Group embraces online training and recognises the very real advantages of using it to deliver its training programmes for employees.