Positive behaviour support (pbs) training on the rise at jcp

This year Jeesal has really been focused on ways to improve positive behaviour support at Cawston Park. Jeesal have scheduled a comprehensive monthly training session of PBS to all staff. An introductory session has been added to the induction training programme to ensure that all staff have basic knowledge of PBS prior to working on the units. The two-day training package gives staff the knowledge and skills to understand PBS and to create a PBS plan.
Carys Evans one of the lead PBS coaches has recently reported 73 members of our staff have completed the training and we are confident this number will grow impressively each month.The feedback from the training has been positive; staff appear keen to implement the knowledge and understanding they have gained during the training. Staff undertaking the training are asked to provide constructive feedback around practicalities; these have been disseminated to the responsible directorate where solutions are currently being considered.
Jeesal are dedicated to making the whole of Cawston Park and Positive Behaviour Support care pathway that leads to a smooth transition back to the local community or a service of supported living and greater independence.
For more information on Positive Behaviour Support visit our PBS blog edit by Cary Evans which is updated regulary.