What we are doing during Coronavirus lockdown for our service users Creswick House?

We caught up with Karen Cooper who is the manager at one of our homes to find out what they have been doing during the coronavirus lockdown. 


‘’At Creswick House we have tried to keep life as normal as possible for our service users, this would understandably mean going to the shops to buy snacks and toiletries. This is very important to our service users, (some more than others) so we decided if they couldn’t go to the shop, we would bring the shop to them.  Our shop sells deodorant, body wash, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, bottled water, fizzy drinks, chocolate, crisps and sweets.  This is non-profit making and is purely to ensure our service users do not miss out on the things they like to buy.



Other things we have been doing at Creswick House is our shout out board for the staff.  This can only have positive comments put on it and is to show each other that their efforts of kindness; hard work and dedication have been recognised.  We also have lollies for the staff, only a little thing but it’s the little things that mean a lot.  These things have been really popular with the staff and morale at Creswick House is very high which is amazing considering the current situation.  I can honestly say I am extremely proud of the staff at Creswick House!




The service users have been making good use of our sensory room.  This a proved to be a great success and is used daily.  Because it is situated at the bottom of the garden it is far enough away from the house that the service users feel that they have gone out.  It is also very quiet and a peaceful place for relaxation along with meeting sensory needs.’’